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Sample Portfolio – A small selection of my professional and educational work

Sample Set – Residential – A sample set of construction documents for a residential project

Sample Residential – A second residential set

Sample commercial set – A sample of construction documents for a commercial project

Sample Restaurant – A sample restaurant project

Sample Set – Commercial Tenant Build Out – a sample of a commercial tenant build out

Smarterer Skills Profile – See third party test results of my skills when compared to other professionals


Jared has an unquestioned reputation of integrity among his peers and in all my interactions with him over many years.  He has demonstrated leadership even in situations requiring courage.

He is one of the most affable persons and generous team-players in my experience.

Jared is a talented designer with high standards for achieving competency: the Boston City Hall proposal demonstrates his capacity to take on a complex site, with a multi-layered program, a design partner for another building in the ensemble, a real commitment to forward-thinking sustainable building design, in a design that is contextually sensitive to the local building culture.

Jared has more knowledge and interest in how buildings go together than most students or even recent architecture graduates; having long experience in practice myself, I know this is a valued factor in architecture firms.  His skill with digital tools, both number of software applications and drawing quality, is obvious from his work and further evidenced in his professional experience teaching these tools to others.

I recommend Jared Natalino without reservation.

Christopher C. Miller, Ph.D.

Assistant Chair for Graduate Programs

Judson University

Jared is the rare designer that is as comfortable building digital models of buildings as as he is building the real thing. His construction experience informs his thoughtful approach to designing and detailing spaces; he always looks ahead to what needs to be done next…and starts doing it.  His professional manner and absolutely positive demeanor allowed me to have complete confidence in his managing of consultants, contractors and interacting with clients.

Thomas Ahleman

Principal Architect

Studio Talo

I have had the privilege to know Jared in both a professional and scholarly atmosphere, and he excels at both. Professionally, Jared has enough drive and attention to detail to handle anything placed in his care, as well as having the added bonus of being flexible in response to the demands others might put on him. Academically, Jared can pursue an idea, and all its nuances, until brought to full fruition. In tandem, these strengths lead Jared to be able to deliver idealistically strong product in appropriate time frames…which not many can say.

Jeremy Lindsey

Assistant Professor of Architecture

Judson University

Jared did an excellent job for us. In a very short span of time, he put together the construction documents for a +/- 22,000 sq. ft. Church building in Revit Architecture. His technical skill of the program helps him to focus on the design and details of the project rather than wasting a bunch of time struggling with the software. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again. My only regret is not finding more work to keep him busy.

Byron Gehrig

Project Architect

Church Building Architects

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