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Kane County Courthouse

For twelve weeks during my fourth year, I was given the opportunity to try traditional design.  For the program, I chose to re-create the appellate courthouse that is located Elgin, Illinois and to relocate it to a more down-town location.  Part of the studio focus was on new urbanism, so I combined the courthouse, a building used by a select few, with some urbanistic principals in order to create a more active space.  This included master site-planning and the addition of a new city square to front the courthouse.  The plan also provided for the addition of some mixed-use shopping venues built into the exterior fabric of the courthouse.  Another part of this project was to incorporate and explore sustainable technology.  By using a a pre-cast concrete structural system, the new court house would have good thermal mass for cooling and warming.  Natural daylighting was also a focus as the building would make use of interior light wells that would not only bring in light, but  also help with cross-ventilation.

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