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Townhouse Redevelopment

For about two and half weeks during a summer session, Ben Scarbro, a classmate of mine, and I redesigned a group of townhouses.  The townhouses were in a low-income area, and were going to be the start of church project in which the church would help subsidize rent for needy families.  The focus of the project was for Ben and me to find a way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the townhouses while making them more sustainable and energy efficient.  The physical  remodeling of the homes was to be carried out by volunteers; therefore, low-skill building techniques were a focus of ours.  Our plan was to re-wrap the existing buildings in rigid insulation and to give a new cladding of fiber cement panels and fiber cement siding.  This created a super-insulated building  that also had a low-maintenance exterior.  Some other considerations were to revamp the roof allowing  for solar PV panel and solar water heaters. This green roof would also help with rainwater retention.

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